Why I’m running
I believe in America and I believe in the future of Texas. We must stand firm for the conservative principles of faith, family and freedom which you and I hold dear. I have a heart for public service and take every opportunity to be a strong voice for our conservative values, a leader who governs with integrity, transparency and accountability. I conduct myself in the highest ethical manner while serving as your citizen legislator.

My commitment is to provide principled, conservative leadership in Texas. I am a forceful advocate for our traditional values of faith and family, and I will always stand for the unborn. I also believe that Texans must stand firm against a federal government which threatens our freedoms, liberties, and our economy.

Jobs for Texans To provide good jobs and a strong economy, we must provide an environment that is business friendly: low taxes; limited, fair and predictable regulation; and a legal system uncluttered with frivolous lawsuits. As a businessman, I know that when government gets out the way, entrepreneurs and small business owners will reinvest back into their companies, growing their business and providing more jobs. Businesses large and small are the key to economic growth – not government spending. In Austin, I use my business background and leadership skills to promote job creation and a strong economy.

Stand for Fiscal Responsibility
Texans are taxed enough already! We must take better inventory of the money that is being spent in funding of current programs. We must end accounting gimmicks, tricks and diversions. Texas taxpayers deserve honesty and transparency in government, and funds collected for a specific purpose should be spent for only that purpose. In Austin, I consistently advocate for policies of lower taxes and smaller government.

Obamacare Is Not Right For Texas
If left unchecked, ObamaCare has the potential to bankrupt Texas. Texans should be able to choose their own health care provider and make their own medical choices, not have our health care decisions micromanaged by Washington, D.C. Health Care decisions should be made by individuals and employers, not the government.

Stop Illegal Immigration
Illegal Immigration is draining the budgets of Texas taxpayers and Texas state government. We are a nation which welcomes those who follow the rules, respect our laws, and come here legally, but I have no tolerance for those who undermine the rule of law by entering our nation in an illegal fashion. Texas must do its part in combating this issue.

Texans Can Govern Texas
The federal government needs to get out of the way of the states. Texas should be able to manage our own affairs, and the encroachment from Washington, D.C. must end. It should be obvious to anyone that our nation’s capitol has created a mess of its own affairs, and they have no business telling us how to run ours. The mandates, the regulations, and the heavy-handed bureaucracy which costs us jobs – I oppose them all.

The U.S. Constitution is a sacred document and is extremely important in conducting the affairs of modern day government. Increasingly, we’ve moved away from the constitution and why it was written, the purpose for which it was written and abiding by it. At this time in our nation’s history we need to go back to constitutionality and abiding by the rules and the laws and the purpose for which our founders created the Constitution.

Enhance and Improve Education System
Educational opportunity for our young people is important. Children of all walks of life, all neighborhoods, and all backgrounds should have an opportunity to have a quality education, and we owe it to those kids to have the most efficient schools possible.

When considering funding requests for education, we must ask tough questions about how our current resources are being spent. Teacher pay should not suffer because of too much education bureaucracy. In Austin, I fight for transparency and accountability in our public schools and school choice for parents.

Property Rights are Foundational
I believe that one of our greatest rights that we have as private citizens is our property. Government must protect our rights and not infringe upon our property. Eminent domain laws should provide a fair, meaningful process for those effected, and landowners should be fully compensated for any loss of property.

Defend the 2nd Amendment
I fully support the right of Texans to keep and bear arms, and oppose all efforts to erode our Second Amendment freedoms. I’m an NRA member and am proud to report that I have earned an “A” rating from the NRA Political Victory Fund.

Stand For Pro-Life Policies
I’m pro-life. Life begins at conception and we must do all we can to protect the unborn. In Austin, I supported monumental legislation that not only protects the lives of innocent babies in the womb, it also ensures women receive quality healthcare. I will continue to fight for pro-life legislation.

Support Traditional Marriage
I support government policies which respect and preserve traditional marriage, and oppose any policies which undermine the traditional family.