I believe in America and I believe in the future of Texas. As your State Representative, I advocate for operating with a fiscally conservative balanced budget that is anchored by tax relief for hard working Texans, while putting a stop to runaway government spending. Some of my top priorities are border security, more educational opportunities for all children, significant measures to protect and defend 2nd Amendment rights, and stopping government encroachment on our individual rights. My commitment is to continue to provide principled, conservative leadership to the great state of Texas.

Former NFL Player.

Conservative Republican State Representative Scott Turner, a businessman, national motivational speaker and former NFL player, was elected to the Texas House of Representatives in November 2012. He represents House District 33 which encompasses all of Rockwall County and portions of Collin County.

Rep. Turner’s time in office is focused on fighting for lower taxes on small businesses, recruiting and retaining jobs in Texas, ensuring all young people have accesses to a quality education, pushing back federal encroachment on the state, and demanding more efficiency in all levels of government. GOPAC named Rep. Turner to their list of 2013 Emerging Leaders for his leadership in the Texas House. He was also named a Courageous Conservative by the Texas Conservative Coalition and Texas Eagle Forum has recognized him as a Top Rated Conservative in the House.

A fourth generation Texan, growing up in Richardson, Rep. Turner attended the University of Illinois, graduating with a degree in speech communications. In 1995, he began his 9-year professional football career as a defensive back when he was drafted by the Washington Redskins. He went on to play for the San Diego Chargers and the Denver Broncos. During the latter part of his football career, Rep. Turner spent a great deal of time alongside then-Chairman of the House Committee on Armed Services, Duncan Hunter, assisting with military affairs. After retiring from the NFL, Rep. Turner returned to the Dallas area to pursue his business career. He is now the Director of Business Development and Corporate Chaplain at Systemware, Inc and is the Founder and CEO of Statesman Clothiers.

Rep. Turner serves on the Texas House Government Transparency and Operation Committee and the International Trade and Intergovernmental Affairs Committee. He is also a member of the House Federalism and Fiscal Responsibility Select Committee. He volunteers on several community boards including Presbyterian Hospital’s Presidents Leadership Council, Dallas Metropolitan YMCA Board of Directors, Prestonwood Christian Academy Board of Trustees and GuideStone Financial Board of Directors. He and his wife Robin are active members of Prestonwood Baptist Church where he served as a Bible Fellowship leader, Deacon and occasional guest pastor.

Rep. Turner, Robin, and their nephew Solomon reside in Frisco.

Key Issues

Jobs for Texans

To provide good jobs and a strong economy, we must provide an environment that is business friendly: low taxes; limited, fair and predictable regulation; and a legal system uncluttered with frivolous lawsuits. As a businessman, I know that when government gets out the way, entrepreneurs and small business owners will reinvest back into their companies, growing their business and providing more jobs. Businesses large and small are the key to economic growth – not government spending. In Austin, I use my business background and leadership skills to promote job creation and a strong economy.

ObamaCare is Not Right for Texas

Texans should be able to choose their own health care provider and make their own medical choices, not have health care decisions micromanaged by Washington. ObamaCare has the potential to bankrupt Texas. In Austin, I will continue to oppose any and all legislation that would expand ObamaCare into Texas.

Texans Can Govern Texas

The federal government needs to get out of the way of the states. Texas should be able to manage our own affairs, and the encroachment from Washington, D.C. must end. It should be obvious to anyone that our nation’s capitol has created a mess of its own affairs, and they have no business telling us how to run ours. The mandates, the regulations, and the heavy-handed bureaucracy which costs us jobs — I oppose them all.

The U.S. Constitution is a sacred document and is extremely important in conducting the affairs of modern day government. Increasingly, we’ve moved away from the constitution and why it was written, the purpose for which it was written and abiding by it. At this time in our nation’s history we need to go back to constitutionality and abiding by the rules and the laws and the purpose for which our founders created the Constitution.

Property Rights are Foundational

I believe that one of our greatest rights that we have as private citizens is our property. Government must protect our rights and not infringe upon our property. Eminent domain laws should provide a fair, meaningful process for those effected, and landowners should be fully compensated for any loss of property.

Support Traditional Marriage

I support government policies which respect and preserve traditional marriage, and I will continue to oppose any policies which undermine the traditional family.

Border Security Initiatives

Our border is hemorrhaging as thousands cross undocumented. We must make it a top priority to ensure DPS, our Texas Rangers, and local law enforcement have the needed resources to combat the criminal activity. I have personally seen conditions along the border and visited with our DPS agents and personnel. The statistics on drug trafficking, home invasions, human trafficking, thefts, and murders are staggering and it is imperative we take a proactive approach by blocking the violence before it breaches our borders. We must take immediate, swift, bold action to combat this problem.

Stand for Fiscal Responsibility

Texans are taxed enough already! We must take better inventory of the money that is being spent in funding of current programs. We must end accounting gimmicks, tricks and diversions. Texas taxpayers deserve honesty and transparency in government, and funds collected for a specific purpose should be spent for only that purpose. In Austin, I consistently advocate for policies of lower taxes and smaller government.

Enhance & Improve Texas Education System

Educational opportunity for our young people is important. Children of all walks of life, all neighborhoods, and all backgrounds should have an opportunity to have a quality education, and we owe it to those kids to have the most efficient schools possible. When considering funding requests for education, we must ask tough questions about how our current resources are being spent. Teacher pay should not suffer because of too much education bureaucracy. In Austin, I fight for transparency and accountability in our public schools and school choice for parents.

Defend the 2nd Ammendment

I fully support the right of Texans to keep and bear arms and will continue to oppose all efforts to erode our Second Amendment freedoms.

Stand for Pro-Life Policies

Life begins at conception and we must do all we can to protect the unborn. In Austin, I will continue to support legislation that not only protects the lives of innocent babies in the womb, but also ensures women receive quality healthcare.

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